Tools & Templates

Generative AI Workbook

Use this workbook to assist in the generative AI evaluation and implementation process for HR and the organization.

Acceptable Use of Generative AI Policy Template

Use this template to create a policy that outlines the acceptable use of generative AI within the organization.

M&A Culture Assessment

Use this tool to understand how the culture of the target organization(s) differ from that of the purchasing organization to make a plan for cultural integration after...

M&A Cultural Integration Workbook

Use this workbook to select and define the integrated organization's focus values and develop a cultural integration plan to drive the success of the transaction.

Risk Analysis Framework Tool

HR professionals should share this tool with leaders of leaders to help structure the way they reflect on current risks to their portfolios by identifying existing...

Risk Management on the Go – Infographic

This infographic provides leaders with a key takeaway for assessing risk in the moment. It encourages them to continually slide their risk scales to help clarify their...

Focus Group Data Template

Use this tool to organize focus group session notes and code the responses.

Open-Ended Response Data Cleaning and Coding Template

Use this tool to clean and code responses to open-ended diagnostic/survey questions.

Retirement Letter Template

Use this template to help retiring employees transition out of the organization by providing them with the necessary information needed to facilitate a smooth retirement.

Retirement Guide Workbook

Use this tool to capture information in one place as you work through the organizational retirement preparation guide.
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