Tools & Templates

Interview Guide Template

The Interview Guide Template will help you plan for and execute a structured interview process.

Bad Hire Cost Calculator

The Bad Hire Cost Calculator will help you determine the cost of a bad hire to your organization to help make the case for best practice interviewing training.

Behavioral Interview Question Library

This comprehensive competency-based question collection provides a list of behavioral questions that help the talent acquisition specialist and hiring manager interview...

Compensation Philosophy Worksheet

A Compensation Philosophy documents your organization’s governing principles for compensation programs and activities. Use the Compensation Philosophy Worksheet to assess...

Compensation Philosophy Template

Use this Compensation Philosophy Template (also known as a Pay Philosophy) to document your organization’s governing principles for compensation programs and activities.

Competency Template

The Competency Template allows you to document all information pertaining to a given competency in one place, thus making storage and reference easier in the future.

Competency Framework Project Planning and Tracking Tool

Use this tool to document all necessary aspects when developing a competency framework, and track progress on each activity of your project.

HR Policy Needs and Priority Assessment Tool

Use this tool to perform a needs assessment as the first step to tackling the development of new policies or overhauling an existing policy portfolio.

Policy Template

Use this Policy Template to draft comprehensive and consistent policies.

Policy Draft Review Form

Use this template to solicit feedback from stakeholders on policy development.
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