Tools & Templates

Tower Building Activity Roles

Use this template to assign roles for the tower building activity that is designed to have participants practice the body language component of active listening.

Standard HR Scorecard

The HR Scorecard is a way to track progress towards your goals. Once you input your initiative information (including date and target metrics), the tool will help...

Strategy Discovery Tool

Use this tool to identify your knowledge gaps that will help ensure the talent strategy is focused on the right priorities, and pinpoint the relevant activities and...

Strategy Exploration Guide

Use this guide to understand and conduct the analyses and activities recommended by the Strategy Discovery Tool.

Talent Strategy Presentation Template

Use this template to present the talent strategy and rationale behind it to stakeholders.

Standard SWOT Analysis Template

Use this template to identify and classify important factors affecting your ability to deliver on outcomes.

Standard PESTLE Analysis Template

Use this template to conduct a PESTLE analysis to guide the assessment of your external environment.

Talent Strategy Workbook

Use this workbook to capture key information and make decisions on the talent strategy.

Onboarding Playbook

Use this playbook to evaluate and redesign the onboarding program.

Onboarding Ideas Catalog

Use this catalog to explore onboarding initiatives that could be included in a comprehensive onboarding program.
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