Train Managers on Competency-Based Selection and Interviewing Skills Training Deck

Use this manager training deck to train hiring managers in competency-based interviewing and promote a well-structured interview process that increases instances of...

Craft a Compensation Philosophy Storyboard

A compensation philosophy that clearly articulates the organization’s high-level approach to pay for each of its employee segments is the foundation of compensation programs.

Develop a Comprehensive Competency Framework Storyboard

Competency frameworks are an integral part of many HR functions such as performance management, employee development, identification of future leaders, and talent...

Effectively Manage the HR Policy Portfolio Storyboard

Robust policies are important – well-managed policies keep things running smoothly. Mismanaged policies result in significant monetary costs, wasted time, and potential...

Implement Curated Learning Storyboard

Modernize L&D by using curated learning to give learners the right content, at the right time.

Develop the Leadership Skills of Your Middle Managers Storyboard

Middle managers face challenges and opportunities as the intermediary between front line staff and senior managers. Support middle manager development to strengthen...

Train Managers to Effectively Manage Virtual Teams Storyboard

As the integration of virtual teams rises, managers must learn new approaches to managing team performance.

Unleash HR Capabilities Storyboard

Plan a simple approach to developing HR capabilities to increase the effectiveness of the HR department.

Develop a Workforce Plan to Address Talent Needs Storyboard

Begin building a workforce plan that addresses critical talent needs in the organization.

Implement a Job Rotation Program Storyboard

Give employees a better perspective of the organization and alleviate job dissatisfaction and monotony though a job rotation program that builds key capabilities. 
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