From Co-Ops to Consultants: Build Belonging Within Your Team Learning Guide for First-Time Leaders

Equip leaders to create a sense of belonging on teams with mixed employment arrangements by fostering relationships, communicating effectively, and providing equitable...

Support Employees in Crafting Their IDPs Learning Guide for First-Time Leaders

This guide empowers leaders to support their direct reports in creating and maintaining their unique individual development plans. It equips leaders with the skills to...

Design Pre-Employment Assessments That Improve Hiring Success Storyboard

Hiring the right talent is a challenge for many organizations. Testing candidates for job-related competencies improves the quality of new hires and informs them of the...

Microlearning: Strengthen Your Internal Customer Focus

Use this microlearning to help emerging leaders develop their internal customer focus and contribute to organizational processes more effectively.

Develop an Employee Listening Strategy Storyboard

Although many organizations understand the importance of employee listening, employees still don’t feel heard. Develop a purposeful listening strategy to ensure listening...

Training Deck: Elevate HR Credibility and Influence

Use this training deck to build your organizational presence through the coach approach.

Select an HR Technology Implementation Partner Storyboard

Unlock the potential of the organization’s digital portfolio by choosing the right technology implementation partner.​

Build a Strategic AI Roadmap Storyboard

Take a holistic approach to crafting an AI strategy that maximizes value, manages risk, and prepares the organization for the future.

Optimize HR Costs Storyboard

Provide guidance to HR practitioners on how to effectively optimize costs within the HR organization.

Reduce HR Costs in Times of Financial Pressure Storyboard

Provide guidance to HR Practitioners on how to make informed cost reduction decisions that promote HR's role as strategic partner.
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