Learning & Development - Tools & Templates

Job Rotation Interview Guide and Assessment Template

Use this template to facilitate panel interviews of job rotation applicants.

Job Rotation Plan Assignment Template

Use this template to confirm job rotation details for the rotatee and their manager.

Job Rotation Performance and Development Plan

Use this template to create a tailored development plan for job rotation participants.

Job Rotation Readiness Assessment Tool

Use this tool to determine if a job rotation program is right for your organization.

Job Rotation Playbook Template

Use this template to document key global talent mobility decisions.

Build HR Influence Through Curiosity and a Coach Approach Infographic

Review this infographic to reflect on the key takeaways of the Build HR Influence Through Curiosity and a Coach Approach Learning Guide.

HR Partnership Probing Questions

Leverage these probing questions to deepen conversations with the leader to learn more about their experiences and collaboratively problem solve.

Building Organizational Awareness Tool

Leverage this tool reflect on your current organizational knowledge and identify how you want to continue to expand your business acumen.

Build Trust Self-Reflection Tool

Use this tool to reflect on the concept of trust when building relationships with leaders.

LMS Download: Difficult Conversations at Work – Reflect on Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement

This interactive eLearning module will help managers and their teams focus on working together successfully with solid communication methods, which in turn impacts...
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