Learning & Development - Tools & Templates

Establish Accountability in Your One-on-Ones – Infographic

This infographic provides first-time leaders with key accountabilities for successful one-on-ones.

Drive Accountability Through Structured One-on-Ones Tool

Share this tool with first-time leaders to help them plan and structure their one-on-one agendas.

Design Your Knowledge Checks Tool

Use this tool to design their knowledge checks for their eLearning modules.

Evolve Your Leadership Identity Tool

Help leaders evolve their identity to align with the complex responsibilities and experiences as they advance over time.

Skip-Level Meeting Reflection Tool

This tool offers space for leaders of leaders to reflect on different components of skip-level conversations, document key insights, and review emerging themes from...

Lead Effective Skip-Level Meetings – Learning Guide

This guide provides leaders of leaders with strategies to help them lead effective skip-level conversations with staff. This includes strategies for communication,...

Microlearning: Keep Your Best and Brightest – A Manager’s Guide to Stay Conversations

Stay conversations, or stay interviews, are an important element in preventing employee turnover, yet some organizations tend to overlook them. This microlearning is a...

Facilitation Preparation Tool

HR professionals should use this tool to plan and prepare for facilitated sessions.

Probing Questions for HR Facilitation

HR professionals should use this tool as a quick list of key probing questions when leading facilitated sessions.

Overcome Challenges to Elevate Your HR Facilitation Infographic

This infographic provides leaders with key takeaways and sample phrasing for managing challenges during facilitated sessions.
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