Leadership Development - Blueprints

Train Managers to Master Difficult Conversations

Difficult conversations are difficult for a reason and managers often evade handling them or conduct them poorly. When managers avoid discussing important issues it can...
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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Understanding emotions and adapting behavior accordingly is not an innate ability. Emotional intelligence in the workplace can be developed to improve relationships and...
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Negotiate With Empathy

Negotiating is often thought of negatively. However, negotiation helps us find common ground. Help managers negotiate with empathy to achieve objectives and strengthen...
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Succeed as a CHRO With a Leadership Development Program

Industry disruption, organizational complexity, technological changes, and external risks are continuing to change the world of work and, as a result, the role of the...
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Navigate Team Dynamics

Leaders are responsible for creating a team environment that allows team members to successfully achieve common goals. Help managers of all levels effectively navigate...
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