HR Technology & Operations

McLean Academy: Learning Snapshot – Build HR Dashboards That Drive Decisions

Explore this learning snapshot to learn how to create dashboards that tell a story and present data in an effective way, leading to decisions that benefit your...

Project Roadmap Tool

Use this tool to create a project plan to support the roadmap and to prepare for technology selection and implementation.

AI Preparation Guide for HR

AI continues to change the way work is done for individuals, organizations, and industries. Use this guide to get ready to prepare for organizational AI implementation.
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AI Preparation Guide for HR Storyboard

This guide will enable HR teams to proactively prepare for organizational artificial intelligence (AI) implementation.

AI Preparation: HR Gap Analysis Tool

This tool will help you identify and understand the gaps in each of HR's preparation activities and prioritize the gaps to address accordingly. Use this tool in...

File Storage and Sharing Policy

Data security is an urgent issue for any organization. Ensure your employees preserve the integrity of your organization's information by implementing a robust policy.

Key Skills for Generative AI Infographic

Use this infographic to understand and communicate the key skills required for employees to effectively use generative AI technology.

Measuring the ROI of an HR Program Presentation Template

Use this presentation template to communicate the return on investment (ROI) and value on investment (VOI) of your HR program.

Guide to Measuring the ROI of HR Programs

Measuring the value of HR programs demonstrates how HR investments contribute to the financial success of the organization, elevating HR's role as a strategic partner.
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ROI Calculator Tool

Use this tool to calculate the financial return on investment (ROI) of an HR program and track intangible outcomes to demonstrate the program's overall value on...
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