HR Technology & Operations - Storyboard

Select an HR Technology Implementation Partner Storyboard

Unlock the potential of the organization’s digital portfolio by choosing the right technology implementation partner.​

Build a Strategic AI Roadmap Storyboard

Take a holistic approach to crafting an AI strategy that maximizes value, manages risk, and prepares the organization for the future.

Develop Responsible AI Guiding Principles Storyboard

Rapid advancement in AI has organizations either ignoring the technology or rushing to implement it. HR must partner with leaders to define responsible AI guiding...

AI Preparation Guide for HR Storyboard

This guide will enable HR teams to proactively prepare for organizational artificial intelligence (AI) implementation.

Guide to Measuring the ROI of HR Programs Storyboard

Use this research to explore key concepts related to measuring and communicating the return on investment (ROI) and value on investment (VOI) of HR programs.

Organizational Retirement Preparation Guide Storyboard

Use this guide to curate resources to effectively manage retirements before, during, and after they happen.

Harness the Potential of Generative AI in HR Storyboard

Advancements in generative AI technology are changing how organizations approach and conduct work. HR is an integral partner as organizations adapt to new ways of working...

HR Budgeting Guide Storyboard

Use this research to understand key concepts related to organizational budgeting, establish HR’s role as a strategic business partner in the budgeting process, and review...

Effectively Manage the HR Policy Portfolio Storyboard

Robust policies are crucial to all HR functions – well-managed policies keep things running smoothly. However, mismanaged policies result in significant monetary costs,...

Plan for HR Shared Services Storyboard

HR shared service models are not one size fits all. Detailed planning will help identify which model best supports organizational needs while decreasing operational costs...
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