HR Strategy

Flex Time-Off Policy

Use this template to set guidelines and the scope for your flex time-off work options.

M&A Terms and Conditions Inventory

Use this tool to evaluate the terms and conditions of both the acquiring and acquired organization, and select a target position for each term or condition.

Internal Communications Audit

Use this template to collect data on the current state of internal communications.

Employee Resilience Workbook

Use this workbook to capture insights, themes and needs from data analysis and document the resilience techniques selected for implementation in the organization.

Service-Level Agreement Template

Use this template to outline expectations and accountabilities for vendor/organization relationships.

HR Resilience Interview Guide

Use this guide to conduct one-on-one interviews with HR practitioners and uncover how resilience needs differ for HR.

Employee Resilience Questions

Use this template for recommended questions to use in a resilience behaviors questionnaire.

Determine the Right HR Outsourcing Solution for Your Organization Storyboard

Deciding whether to outsource HR functions is not an easy task. Perform a thorough evaluation of your options and arrive at a best-fit solution for your organization.

Develop a Targeted Flexible Work Program Storyboard

Organizations who fail to offer flexibility will have a difficult time attracting, recruiting and retaining talent. It is vital to equip organizations with the...

Create a People Strategy Storyboard

Without additional resources, HR departments must do more with less to provide value to the organization. Using a targeted people strategy, HR can prioritize the most...
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