HR Strategy - Tools & Templates

Job Description Tracking Tool

Use this tool to evaluate the current state of job descriptions and track the progress of updating job descriptions.

Job Description Launch Deck

Use this presentation template to facilitate training with managers to introduce the new job description templates and process during project launch.

Job Description Writing Guide

Use this template to outline the appropriate guidelines for managers using the tailored templates to populate job descriptions.

Task Analysis Framework Example

Use this example as a starting point to develop the HR Employee Task Analysis Survey.

HR Shared Services Business Case Template

Use this template to compose a compelling business case to gain executive buy-in and support for a tailored HR shared service model.

Change Framing Template

Use this template to document a change overview.

Handbook: Equip Managers to Lead Through Change

Use the participant handbook as a takeaway guide for training participants to reference during and after the Equip Managers to Lead Through Change training session.

Role Plays: Equip Managers to Lead Through Change

Use these role play scenarios during manager training on change management to supplement the training content and give managers the opportunity to put their learning into...

Strategy Exploration Guide

Use this guide to understand and conduct the analyses and activities recommended by the Strategy Discovery Tool.

Internal Communications Audit

Use this template to collect data on the current state of internal communications.
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