HR Strategy - Tools & Templates

Frontline Change Management Workbook

Use this tool to document key information and create a toolkit for frontline managers.

Frontline Manager Change FAQ Template

Use this template to help frontline managers address common questions and concerns around change.

Change Reactions and Responses Tactics Catalog

Use this tool to enable frontline managers to identify change reactions, uncover underlying causes, and use appropriate tactics to manage reactions.

Frontline Manager Change Self-Assessment Tool

Use this tool to provide frontline managers with an assessment to provide insight into areas in which they would benefit from further training or tools.

HR Process Mapping Template

Optimizing your HR department will mean streamlining and making improvements to existing processes. Use this template to help you map out your new and improved process...

HR Structure Workbook

Use this workbook to document key information and decisions while building an HR structure.

HR Functional Capability Framework

Use this framework to find definitions of each HR function's capability.

HR Structure Presentation Template

Use this template to develop a presentation for stakeholders to explain the new HR structure.

HR Structure Catalog

This guide will help identify possible options for restructuring an HR department.

Process Mapping Guide

Use this guide to understand process mapping best practices.
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