HR Strategy - Research Notes

HR Dashboards Catalog

Use this catalog to pull data, visualizations, and storytelling together to create a dashboard.

HR Metrics and Analytics Selection Guide

Determining which metrics will inform action and effectively measure the benefits of HR services requires a thoughtful approach.

Case Studies: Customize HR Programs for a Global Workforce

Refer to these case studies for examples of organizations who customized HR programs to meet organizational objectives and regional needs.

Customize HR Programs for a Global Workforce Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for customizing HR programs to the executive team.

CEO Succession Planning

This guide provides an overview of the key dimensions to guide HR executives toward successfully developing, implementing, and reviewing a CEO succession plan.

Perspectives Overview – Generations in the Workplace

Use this resource to better understand the landscape of diverse perspectives on generations and generational differences in the workplace.

Uncover the Employee Value Proposition Executive Briefing

Use this document to make the case for a strong employee value proposition to your executive team.

C-Suite Success Profiles

These success profiles outline many of the key factors that are required of each role.

CEO Performance Oversight

This guide provides best practices for how CHROs can support the board in implementing a performance feedback process for the CEO to sustain organizational success.

Executive Performance Oversight

This guide provides best practices for the CHRO to collaborate with the CEO to develop a performance oversight process for executives that fosters a high-performing team.
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