Work Environment - Tools & Templates

Learning in Action: Dynamic Learning Mindset for Managers

Use this handout to remind learners of core concepts learned in the Dynamic Learning Mindset manager training.

Knowledge Check: Dynamic Learning Mindset – for HR

Use this knowledge check after training leaders on dynamic learning mindset to assess their understanding of the content.

DLM Handbook for HR

This handbook allows participants to take notes and complete activities during the Foster a Dynamic Learning Mindset training.

DLM Catalog for HR

Use the Dynamic Learning Mindset catalog for HR to gain additional advice on how HR can help the organization adopt a dynamic learning mindset.

Handbook: Equip Managers to Effectively Manage Hybrid Teams

Use this tool to guide participants through the Equip Managers to Effectively Manage Hybrid Teams training and position it as a reference after the training session.

Design Thinking Primer

Use this guide to gain an understanding of design thinking principles.

Storyboarding Guide

Use this guide to understand the benefits of using prototyping methods like storyboarding to clarify processes, ideas, and visions.

Training Deck: Foster Effective Feedback in the Workplace – Employee Training

Train employees to effectively give, receive, ask for, and act on feedback to improve employee engagement and innovation.

Handbook: Activate Networks to Enable Collaboration

Use the participant handbook as a resource for participants to reference during and after the Activate Networks to Enable Collaboration training session.

People Leadership in a Hybrid Environment Workbook

Use this workbook to capture key information and decisions while working through a plan for hybrid team leaders.
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