Empower Managers to Take Ownership of Employee Engagement

Transfer the ownership of employee engagement from HR to team managers.

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When managers are not actively involved in employee engagement, there is:

  • Low trust in management, leading to lower employee engagement and lower productivity

Managers who take responsibility for employee engagement gain:

  • Higher employee trust, leading to increased levels of productivity, organizational commitment, and innovation
  • Improved retention, leading to improved business results

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Module 1: Prepare to Implement Manager Training

The Purpose

  • Use McLean & Company’s advice to get past pain points with managers.
  • Become familiar with the content in the training deck and ensure the provided examples are appropriate.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Logistics planned for your training session.
  • Your case made more powerful by adding your own engagement data to the training deck slides.
  • Improved delivery of training, making it more impactful and engaging for participants.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Establish high-level training objectives.
  • High-level objectives outlined
1.2 Set benchmark metrics and take baseline measurements.
  • Benchmarks and baselines set to make the case for manager-driven engagement
1.3 Review content and customize training material.
  • Become familiar with and prepared to take managers through key training exercises
1.4 Plan out training material.
  • Deliver a smooth and successful training session

Module 2: Follow Up After Training

The Purpose

  • Determine ways to track the impact the training has on employee engagement.
  • Understand how to apply the 3i’s principle across HR functions.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Measured the value of engagement training.
  • Received immediate feedback on employee engagement with the McLean Employee Experience Monitor.
  • Determined how HR can support managers in building stronger relationships with employees.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Prepare to follow up on managerial behavioral change and impact on the business.
  • A plan to follow up on training and ensure success