Train Managers to Master Difficult Conversations

Stop avoiding, freezing, or giving in when the going gets tough.

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Avoiding difficult conversations can have a widespread negative impact including:

  • Lack of improvement or change in employee performance.
  • Encouragement of bad behaviors due to avoidance of course-correcting conversations.
  • Negative impact on HR dashboard metrics such as employee engagement and turnover.

Train managers to effectively approach the challenge of difficult conversations and:

  • Spend less time avoiding issues and unwanted behaviors.
  • Positively influence employee performance and productivity.
  • Increase employee confidence in managers.

Module 1: Train Managers to Master Difficult Conversations

The Purpose

  • Train managers on how to handle difficult conversations with employees.
  • Allow managers to practice difficult conversations skills and techniques.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Understanding of how to address a difficult conversation.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review and customize the manager training deck and tools.
  • Customized manager training presentation and materials.
1.2 Facilitate difficult conversations training.
  • Facilitated training session.

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