Train Managers to Communicate Effectively across Channels, Cultures, Continents, and Generations

A changing workplace means communication context is more complex than ever.

Onsite Workshop

Ineffective manager communications can cause:

  • Production errors
  • Project delays
  • Safety issues
  • Litigation
  • Increased turnover/absenteeism
  • Loss of externall goodwill

Effective manager communication is tied to organizational success through:

  • Higher employee engagement
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Aligned EVP
  • Increased revenue
  • Compliance with financial regulations
  • Improved ROI

Module 1: Assess current communication effectiveness

The Purpose

  • Discuss the importance of effective manager communication.
  • Review organizational, team, and individual barriers.
  • Review assessment data and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Define HR’s role in manager communications.
  • Identify five communication elements.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A comprehensive understanding of the organizational, team, and individual barriers that impede communication.
  • Assessed overall effectiveness of manager communication.
  • Conducted focus groups with managers and employees. 

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review assessment data and identify areas of opportunity.
  • Identified three strengths and three opportunity areas.

Module 2: Customize the manager training deck

The Purpose

  • Define organization communication culture
  • Review verbal and written communication channels
  • Discuss virtual communications
  • Discuss cultural awareness
  • Define global mindset
  • Review generational considerations
  • Discuss social styles
  • Define Employee Value Proposition
  • Discuss when in-person is the only way 

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Customized manager training deck for the organization
  • Customized training deck to align with organization communication culture and Employee Value Proposition 

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Customize to align with communication culture
  • Defined the behavioral elements consistent with organization communication culture
2.2 Customize to reflect communication channels
  • Confirmed advantages and disadvantages or organizational communication channels
2.3 Virtual communication challenges activity
  • Defined virtual challenges and mitigation tactics
2.4 Global mindset activity
  • Defined global characteristics relevant to the organization
2.5 Identify generation profile activity
  • Mapped generational profile to organizational chart

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