Train Managers to Coach Employees for High Performance and Development

Shift coaching training from a process focus to training managers to incorporate coaching behaviors into their day-to-day management.

Onsite Workshop

Leaders need to shift to influence to succeed because:

  • Command-and-control-style leadership is ineffective.
  • The world has become more complex.
  • Employees are overly dependent on managers.
  • Managers need to lead through employees.

Coaching is an effective way to influence employees. It results in:

  • Increased employee confidence and commitment.
  • More options and better decisions.
  • Improved support for employee development.
  • Higher employee performance and development.
  • Higher engagement and stronger organizational results.

Module 1: Prepare for and Deliver Coaching Training

The Purpose

  • Customize the manager training deck to the organization’s unique processes and structure.
  • Train managers to coach employees for high performance and development.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Completed plan for manager training.
  • Managers have improved coaching capability.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review and customize the manager training deck and participant handbook.
  • Training Deck: Coach Employees for High Performance and Development
  • Coach Employees for High Performance and Development Participant Handbook
1.2 Facilitate coaching training.
  • Coaching Self-Assessment
  • Coaching Role Play Scenarios
  • Coaching Training Session Feedback Form
  • Modern PM Feedback and Coaching Guide

Module 2: Follow up After Training

The Purpose

Create a plan to support managers’ continuous coaching development after training.

Key Benefits Achieved

Reinforce manager learning and ensure it is applied on the job.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Customize the coaching post-training follow-up facilitate guide.
  • Coaching Post-Training Follow-Up Facilitation Guide
2.2 Facilitate post-training follow-up meeting(s).

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