Train Managers to Build Key Resilience Behaviors

Prepare managers to respond to change with knowledge of key resilience behaviors.

Onsite Workshop

Employees undergoing change are more likely to experience:

  • Work-life conflict
  • Interference from home life on job performance

Resilient behaviors help employees alleviate:

  • Physical health symptoms due to the pressure of rapid change
  • Negative feelings during the workday and chronic work stress

Module 1: Train Managers to Build Key Resilience Behaviors

The Purpose

  • Create an awareness among managers about how to adopt key resilience behaviors.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Educate managers on the behaviors that they can adopt to develop their own resilience.
  • Prepare managers to coach employees to develop resilience.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review and customize the manager training deck and tools.
  • Customized manager training presentation and materials.
1.2 Facilitate resilience training.
  • Facilitated training session.

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