Provide Balanced Wellbeing Programs

Proactively impact employee wellbeing to improve productivity and boost employee engagement.

Onsite Workshop

Neglecting employee wellbeing often results in:

  • Decreased employee engagement and productivity
  • Increased regrettable employee turnover
  • Increased employer healthcare costs

A balanced wellbeing program leads to:

  • Increased employee engagement and productivity
  • Positive perception of organizational culture
  • Improved employee health and lifestyle

Module 1: Determine Wellbeing Program Vision and Goals, and Audit Existing Programs

The Purpose

  • Frame the vision and goals of the employee wellbeing program.
  • Determine metrics and audit existing programs.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Use McLean & Company’s employee wellbeing framework to set program goals that satisfy employee and organizational needs.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Outline the employee wellbeing program vision and goals.
  • Wellbeing program vision and goals
1.2 Record and review wellbeing-related metrics.
  • Determined metrics to evaluate wellbeing program success
1.3 Audit existing employee wellbeing programs.
  • Wellbeing program audit

Module 2: Identify, Shortlist, and Prioritize Improved Initiatives for a Balanced Program

The Purpose

  • Gather and prioritize ideas for wellbeing initiatives that address previously underserved wellbeing elements.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A robust and balanced wellbeing program that is aligned to the program vision and goals.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Identify gaps and goal misalignment in the wellbeing program.
  • Consensus on current wellbeing program gaps and misalignment
2.2 Brainstorm new wellness initiatives.
  • Initiatives that address program gaps
2.3 Assess, shortlist, and prioritize initiatives.
  • Prioritized shortlist of balanced and aligned wellbeing program initiatives

Module 3: Develop a Communication, Operationalization, and Monitoring Plan

The Purpose

  • Plan the launch of the wellbeing program.
  • Set a foundation to sustain and improve the program in the long term.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A strategy to communicate and analyze the wellbeing program during initial implementation and continual development.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Develop a communication plan.
  • Communication, operationalization, and monitoring plan for the improved wellbeing program
3.2 Develop a wellbeing program operationalization and monitoring plan.
  • Employee Wellbeing Program Planning Tool

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