Build Impactful Leadership Development Programs

Abandon one-size-fits-all leadership development and build programs designed with organizational goals in mind.

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Ineffective leadership development results in:

  • Unclear results and unsustainable programs due to lack of proper measurement.
  • Wasted money, effort, and time implementing ineffective or insufficient practices.
  • Lack of support following development activities.
  • Misalignment of business, HR, and development program goals.

Creating a leadership development program for improved impact will:

  • Support vital business objectives.
  • Improve leader performance and team effectiveness.
  • Strengthen leadership succession pipelines.
  • Align leadership development practices with organizational goals, resulting in greater ROI.

Module 1: Create a Plan for Leadership Development

The Purpose

  • Address challenges and risks to determine effective program goals.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Use McLean & Company’s methodology for improving leadership development’s impact.
  • Prepare to create a leadership development program.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Set leadership development goals for the organization.
  • Created leadership development goals
1.2 Review leadership competencies to define leadership in the organization.
  • Determined if leadership behaviors or competencies are aligned with organizational goals
1.3 Identify risks to leadership development.
  • Address program risks

Module 2: Identify Program Needs

The Purpose

Draft learning objectives and begin developing activities.

Key Benefits Achieved

Align learning objectives to competencies.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Use an impact map to create learning objectives.
  • Program learning objectives
2.2 Identify themes and prioritize learning objectives.
2.3 Identify existing leadership development activities in your organization.
  • Identified existing learning activities that can be leveraged for the program

Module 3: Build and Implement the Leadership Development Program

The Purpose

  • Outline the program.
  • Determine an implementation strategy.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Design the leadership development program.
  • Plan the program launch.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Determine what new learning activities need to be developed for the program.
  • Program learning activities
3.2 Map out your leadership development program.
  • Map of the leadership development program
3.3 Determine the timing of learning activities.
  • Leadership Development Playbook
3.4 Determine your roll-out strategy.
3.5 Determine key messages for program communication.
  • Roll-out and communications strategy

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