Mitigate the Risk of Baby Boomer Retirement with Scalable Succession Planning

Plan for knowledge transfer before it’s too late!

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Without a succession plan in place, an organization will:

  • Experience a loss of essential skills
  • Reduce its capacity to innovate
  • Waste time reinventing the wheel

By implementing a scalable succession plan, an organization will:

  • Ensure business continuum and success
  • Create a smooth transition of Baby Boomers out of the workforce
  • Maintain the knowledge and skills of key roles within the organization

Module 1: Conduct Workforce Planning for Key Roles

The Purpose

  • Discover your key roles and their impact on the organization.
  • Identify employees within key roles.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Business priorities are understood based on the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Key roles and key role incumbents are identified.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify business priorities based on the business’ strategic plan
  • Business priorities are determined and understood
1.2 Identify key roles that support the business focus
  • Key roles are set
1.3 Identify current incumbents in all key roles
  • Current incumbents are identified

Module 2: Assess At-Risk Key Roles and Plan for Their Successful Transition

The Purpose

  • Understand the risks and gaps that need to be addressed.
  • Identify potential successors and determine how the knowledge will be transferred.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Model of succession plan knowledge transfer is set.
  • Successors are identified and gaps between successors and incumbents have been assessed.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Assess risk
  • At-risk key roles identified
2.2 Identify potential successors and assess their readiness
  • Complete list of potential successors and their readiness to assume to the key role
2.3 Assess gaps between key role incumbents and potential successors
  • Gaps are determined and assessed
2.4 Determine knowledge-transfer method
  • Knowledge-transfer methods are discussed and identified
2.5 Identify potential flexible work arrangements
  • Applicable flexible work arrangement options are identified

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