Master Social Media for HR

Put the social back in social media − build stakeholder partnerships to effectively reach talent.

Onsite Workshop

HR not leveraging social media for branding and recruiting talent will:

  • Leave you behind the 82% of organizations leveraging social media for recruitment and 77% using social media to promote their employer brand.
  • Keep large pools of available talent untouched by and unaware of your organization.
  • Place HR inquiries with departments that manage social media channels rather than with HR professionals who have accurate employer brand and recruiting knowledge.
  • Reduce your ability to measure key audience engagement and talent acquisition analytics.

Creating an online presence for your organization will:

  • Allow you to influence your employer brand and reduce inaccurate perceptions.
  • Increase job opening visibility with low additional cost.
  • Allow you to engage passive candidates, using powerful and readily available tools.
  • Track actionable talent acquisition and employer brand analytics.

Module 1: Establish Social Media Objectives, Processes, and Benchmark Metrics

The Purpose

  • Identify social media objectives and determine metrics to track efforts.
  • Evaluate how social media is used currently in the organization.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Objectives prepared and metrics to sustain and improve social media efforts set.
  • Social media process mapped out.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify talent needs.
  • Talent needs and priorities
1.2 Evaluate organization’s current social media strategy.
1.3 Establish high-level social media goals.
  • HR social media goals and metrics
1.4 Set benchmark metrics and take baseline measurements.
  • Improvements and increased involvement in social media processes
  • Processes to be shared with Marketing

Module 2: Optimize the Employer Brand on Social Media

The Purpose

  • Determine how to best get HR involved with social media.
  • Research competitors and platforms.
  • Develop a plan for creating online content.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • HR participation outlined.
  • Created a plan for content management.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Enhance current HR social media presence.
2.2 Align current social media presence with the EVP.
2.3 Plan for social media process participation or improvement.
  • Process developed for shared platforms
  • Improvements for new platforms
2.4 Analyze competitor trends.
2.5 Analyze competition with a SWOT diagram.
2.6 Research and identify new platforms to build a presence on.
  • Competitive analysis and new platforms
2.7 Brainstorm ideas for content creation.
2.8 Build a content calendar.
2.9 Assign content creation responsibilities and deadlines.
  • Content ideas and calendar with timeline

Module 3: Create a Social Media Sourcing and Direct Outreach Plan

The Purpose

Examine sourcing resource options and best practices.

Key Benefits Achieved

Focus roles for sourcing are set.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Pinpoint roles for direct outreach.
3.2 Examine social media resources available to HR.
3.3 Review and customize the Social Media Sourcing Guide.
  • Critical or hard-to-fill roles for direct sourcing
  • Customized Social Media Sourcing Guide

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