Implement a Human Capital Growth Plan

Drive a well-managed resource planning process and help your company grow.

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Poor or non-existent HR growth strategy causes:

  • Poor or inappropriate hiring choices
  • Misalignment to business strategy
  • The need for more hiring due to increased turnover, as well as wasted costs
  • Extra stress on HR team members
  • Failure to achieve targets and slowed growth

Well planned and organized HR strategy during high growth allows for:

  • Bringing the right people into the organization
  • High engagement and motivation in your workforce
  • Reduced costs due to reduced turnover
  • A well-equipped, effective HR team
  • Resources being brought in, in pace with company needs

Module 1: Build the foundation of a Human Capital Growth Plan

The Purpose

  • Aligning HR strategy to business strategy.
  • Designing HR team to reflect strategy and prepare for managing high growth.
  • Collecting resourcing information from hiring managers.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • HR strategy will now reflect and align with business needs, guiding all other actions accordingly.
  • Team will be prepared to meet resourcing needs.
  • Full scope of hiring needs identified and confirmed.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify pain points.
1.2 Meet with executives to identify business strategy and long term resourcing needs.
  • New/adjusted HR strategy is developed.
1.3 Assess current state of HR functions.
1.4 Re-design HR team.
  • Re-design for HR team is created.
1.5 Capture department/division resourcing needs.
  • Resource planning tool is filled out with resourcing needs.

Module 2: Design and implement a resourcing plan

The Purpose

  • Identifying talent through both internal and external sourcing.
  • Developing a recruiting/hiring strategy.
  • Addressing cultural alignment.
  • Setting targets/metrics to assess success.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Optimal sourcing is identified and planned.
  • Recruiting strategy is put in place.
  • Cultural issues are raised before they happen, allowing team to ensure they don’t arise.
  • Goals measuring success are documented.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Fill key roles with internal candidates, if possible.
  • Internal sourcing is addressed.
2.2 Fill roles with other internal talent, if possible.
2.3 Select the best sourcing methods for available positions.
  • Plan for external sourcing is created.
2.4 Develop recruiting strategy.
  • Recruiting strategy is developed.
2.5 Develop onboarding plan.
  • Onboarding plan is developed.
2.6 Set human capital growth goals and metrics.
  • Metrics and goals are identified and documented.

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