Equip Managers to Improve Team Effectiveness

Help teams climb out of ruts and reach full potential.

Onsite Workshop

Teams often struggle with:

  • Poor communication and collaboration with their members.
  • Greater challenges to decision making as organizations continue to flatten.
  • Inability to resolve conflicts without objective perspective.

Effective teams have:

  • Improved quality of work with faster innovation and reduced errors.
  • Increased employee engagement through shared goals.
  • Improved employee experience and social connections.

Module 1: Equip Managers to Improve Team Effectiveness

The Purpose

  • Assess team effectiveness and diagnose areas for improvement to support team effectiveness improvement plans.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Use McLean & Company’s IDEA model of team effectiveness to help teams improve.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Assess teams and identify priority areas for improvement.
  • Team effectiveness current state assessed.
1.2 Communicate results and begin planning for continuous improvement.
  • An action plan to improve and sustain team effectiveness.

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