Drive Organizational Success With Purposefully Sourced Talent

Move beyond simply posting – anticipate needs and create talent pipelines to seek out ideal talent for your organization.

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Failing to create a holistic sourcing approach that encompasses the sourcing process, programs, and people may lead to:

  • An inability to effectively and efficiently acquire talent, negatively impacting business success.
  • A failure to tap into all available sources of talent, resulting in increased time to hire.
  • Higher turnover as result of focusing on hiring for “top talent” rather than the “right” talent.

Leveraging purposeful sourcing includes benefits such as:

  • Reduced time to fill through talent pipelines of previously assessed talent for anticipated roles.
  • Improved quality of hire as a result of greater alignment between role requirements and career aspirations.
  • Effective and measurable sourcing techniques that improve the candidate experience and highlight an authentic employer brand.

Module 1: Evaluate the Current Sourcing Approach, Define Goals, and Review the SWP

The Purpose

  • Review the benefits of optimizing the sourcing process to anticipate organizational needs.
  • Analyze the current sourcing process, programs, and people to identify areas of strength and improvement.
  • Define goals for sourcing talent purposefully.
  • Identify anticipated roles in the strategic workforce plan.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • A purposeful sourcing approach.
  • Clarity and consensus around which sourcing programs to maintain, to optimize, and to develop to provide a wider range of sources.
  • Identification of key TAS competencies to develop.
  • Process to anticipate upcoming talent needs.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Assess the sourcing process.
  • Evaluated sourcing approach.
1.2 Review sourcing program effectiveness.
  • Assessed sourcing program effectiveness.
1.3 Reflect on key competencies.
  • Evaluated key competencies.
1.4 Define sourcing goals.
  • Identified key sourcing goals.
1.5 Review the SWP.
  • Analyzed SWP to anticipate talent needs.

Module 2: Update and Customize the Sourcing Process and Prioritize Key Programs

The Purpose

  • Review and revamp the sourcing process.
  • Identify areas of potential bias in the sourcing process.
  • Customize materials for use in the organization.
  • Prioritize key sourcing programs.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Outlined new sourcing process.
  • Prioritized sourcing programs.
  • Project materials are tailored to meet the needs of the organization.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Revamp the sourcing process.
  • Outlined the new sourcing process.
2.2 Customize the sourcing plan and intake meeting templates.
  • Sourcing Plan Template and Intake Meeting Guide
2.3 Review the process for bias.
  • Potential areas of bias identified.
2.4 Prioritize key programs.
  • Key sourcing programs prioritized.

Module 3: Develop Program Action Plans and Craft a Development Plan for the Talent Acquisition Team

The Purpose

  • Develop an action plan for each sourcing program.
  • Identify non-traditional sources.
  • Create development plans for members of the talent acquisition team.
  • Develop the talent acquisition team to support the sourcing process.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Created action plans for key sourcing programs.
  • Identified ideas for non-traditional sources.
  • Enhanced sourcing competencies across the talent acquisition team.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Create an action plan for each sourcing program.
  • Sourcing Analysis Tool
  • Sourcing Program Action Planning Tool
3.2 Identify alternative sources and techniques.
  • Alternative sourcing methods identified.
3.3 Craft a development plan for TAS.
  • Development plans created.

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