Develop an HR Plan to Effectively Manage the Merger or Acquisition Process

The human capital aspects of M&A are crucial to successful integration and goal realization. Be sure that HR is prepared for the challenge.

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A poorly developed HR plan to manage the merger or acquisition process results in:

  • Poor retention during the transition, distractions, and productivity losses
  • Cultural clashes and misaligned departments
  • Disengagement and confusion
  • A high risk of negative outcomes such as litigation and discrimination

A fully developed HR plan to effectively manage the merger or acquisition process results in:

  • Cultural integration
  • Stabilized productivity and limited disruptions
  • A defined and functional workplace plan
  • An increased chance of M&A success

Module 1: Get Ready for M&A HR Planning

The Purpose

To understand:

  • The benefits of HR M&A planning.
  • The people and information necessary to begin M&A HR planning.
  • Critical elements of a communication plan.
  • How the degree of cultural alignment impacts M&A HR planning. 

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Documented baseline information for your M&A HR plan.
  • A communication plan tailored to key audiences.
  • Assessment of the degree of cultural alignment between the two organizations.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Make the case for M&A HR planning
1.2 Get ready for M&A HR planning
1.3 Create an M&A communication plan
  • M&A Communication Plan
1.4 Assess the degree of cultural alignment
  • M&A Organizational Cultural Diagnostic

Module 2: Develop an HR Plan for the M&A

The Purpose

After completing this section, you will understand:

  • The influencing factors of workforce planning and who to include in your M&A workforce planning team.
  • How to identify the process you will use to determine the best employee for each job in the new entity.
  • Factors in retaining key players through the M&A process.
  • How to determine timing of employee transfers to the new entity, and/or exit packages if appropriate.
  • McLean & Company’s process to evaluate and select Terms & Conditions for transitioning employees.

Key Benefits Achieved

Having engaged in this process, you will be able to:

  • Design a workforce plan for the new organization.
  • Evaluate and select terms & conditions of employment for the acquired employees.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Design a new workforce plan
  • M&A Workforce Plan
2.2 Evaluate and select Terms & Conditions
  • M&A Terms & Conditions Inventory

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