Develop an Engagement Program Strategy

Employee engagement is more than a survey. To have a measurable impact on your organization, be planful and develop an engagement program strategy.

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Engagement program satisfaction is low due to:

  • Static engagement rates and ineffective efforts to improve engagement.
  • Poor communication, leading to diminished employee buy-in and trust.
  • Lack of a planful strategy to address employee engagement.

Engagement positively impacts organizational outcomes by improving:

  • Organizational performance.
  • Employee commitment and focus.
  • Innovative behaviors.

Module 1: Develop an Engagement Program Strategy

The Purpose

  • Review your organization’s engagement history and readiness.
  • Identify stakeholders and draft results-sharing and action-planning activities.
  • Prepare to support stakeholders with the resources needed to execute their roles.
  • Articulate key messages using a communication plan.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Organization’s engagement strategy readiness assessed.
  • Engagement strategy’s purpose, goals, and metrics determined.
  • Stakeholders identified.
  • Action planning activities outlined.
  • Communication plan developed.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Review and identify the implications of history of engagement measures and initiatives.
1.2 Articulate the purpose of engagement.
1.3 Select goals and metrics for the engagement program.
  • Engagement purpose and goals
1.4 Select which engagement measures are most appropriate for your organization.
  • Engagement measurement and cadence
1.5 Outline and assign stakeholder roles and accountabilities.
  • Roles and accountabilities
1.6 Develop an action plan.
  • Action plan
1.7 Develop a communication plan.
  • Communication plan

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