Design a High-Value Succession Planning Program

Succession planning is complex. Take a systematic approach to address all of the moving parts.

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Without a succession planning program:

  • Business continuity and daily operations could suffer from gaps
  • Engagement and retention of employees can drop

With a succession planning program:

  • The organization ensures its critical roles are safeguarded from unexpected vacancies
  • Institutional knowledge is kept within the organization
  • Employees are engaged through development efforts related to the succession plan

Module 1: Set Program Direction

The Purpose

  • Set your succession planning project up right by establishing the program direction

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Program direction and key criteria are set
  • Program is ready to move forward with design

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Articulate the need for succession planning
  • Need for succession planning is established
1.2 Identify enabling HR programs and gaps
  • Enabling HR programs are evaluated
1.3 Establish program goals and metrics
  • Goals and metrics are determined
1.4 Customize the Critical Role Identifier tool
  • Critical Role Identifier is customized

Module 2: Design the Succession Planning Process

The Purpose

  • Design your succession planning program
  • Customize related tools and templates

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Succession planning program designed and ready for launch
  • Tools and templates customized to the organization’s employees and critical roles

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Develop Role Profile Template and process
  • Role Profile Template is developed
2.2 Develop Talent Profile Template and process
  • Talent Profile Template and process created
2.3 Determine how to identify employees
  • Employee identification discussed and agreed upon
2.4 Define talent readiness and customize the Succession Plan Template
  • Talent readiness criteria defined and Succession Plan Template customized
2.5 Design successor identification process and meetings
  • Successor identification process determined

Module 3: Prepare for Program Launch & Communication

The Purpose

  • Prepare for the launch of the succession planning program by outlining logistics and communications
  • Determine how institutional knowledge will be retained come vacancies

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Communication plan and logistics ready to launch
  • Process to retain institutional knowledge is determined

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Outline successor development and knowledge transfer process
  • Successor development and knowledge transfer process outlined
3.2 Determine how critical roles will be filled
  • Role placement methods determined
3.3 Outline logistics for implementation and program management
  • Program logistics and management are set
3.4 Create communications
  • Organization-wide communications are created

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