Catalyze Cross-Functional Collaboration

Craft targeted solutions to increase collaboration and drive results.


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Ineffective solutions to collaboration often result in:

  • Heavy use of resources and increased timelines.
  • Complex decisions made under pressure.
  • Piecemeal solutions that only solve part of the problem.

Effective solutions to collaboration often lead to:

  • Higher rates of customer satisfaction.
  • Innovation through sharing and working on new ideas.
  • Increased revenue and competitive advantage.

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Module 1: Explore Current Collaboration Practices

The Purpose

Gain insight from stakeholders using focus groups.

Key Benefits Achieved

Insight into current collaboration challenges and successful strategies.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Conduct focus groups.
  • Focus group insights

Module 2: Identify Priority Issues With HR

The Purpose

Determine the most pressing challenges to effective collaboration.

Key Benefits Achieved

Addressed the most pertinent challenges experienced within the organization.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Present results of focus groups.
2.2 Prioritize collaboration challenges.
  • Prioritized list of challenges inhibiting collaboration

Module 3: Create an HR Action Plan

The Purpose

Create an action plan to implement collaboration solutions.

Key Benefits Achieved

A plan to implement and communicate HR-initiated solutions for organizational collaboration.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Identify HR-initiated solutions.
  • HR-initiated solutions identified
3.2 Discuss HR-enabled solutions.
3.3 Prioritize HR-initiated solutions.
  • HR-initiated solutions prioritized
3.4 Create action plan for HR-initiated solutions.
  • HR Action Plan
3.5 Identify key stakeholders for HR-enabled solutions.
  • Key stakeholders for HR-enabled solutions identified
3.6 Determine next steps for HR-enabled solutions.
  • Next steps for HR-enabled solutions determined