Manage Stakeholder Relations

Stop guessing about stakeholders’ needs and priorities; invite regular feedback to increase trust and strategic collaboration across the organization.

Onsite Workshop

Without building an effective stakeholder management strategy, HR will not:

  • Be aware of stakeholders’ true perceptions, needs, and priorities.
  • Have the communication needed to build a talent strategy that impacts organizational outcomes.
  • Act as a strategic business partner.

By creating and keeping up a strong stakeholder management strategy, HR will:

  • Build trusting relationships within HR which eases buy-in for future projects.
  • Address stakeholder needs effectively.
  • Function as a strategic partner.

Module 1: Analyze HRSM Survey Results

The Purpose

  • Determine which stakeholders will be a priority to build relationships with.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Priority stakeholders identified.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Analyze HRSM Survey results.
1.2 Assess HR’s alignment with organizational goals.
  • Assessed HR alignment with organizational goals.
1.3 Complete the Stakeholder Analysis Tool to prioritize stakeholders.
  • Prioritized stakeholders.
1.4 Identify the social styles of prioritized stakeholders.
  • Gained insight into stakeholder relationships.
1.5 Agree on the scenario that best describes the HRSM Survey results.

Module 2: Develop a Stakeholder Management Action Plan

The Purpose

  • Tailor communication strategy to stakeholder roles.
  • Create an initial action plan to present to stakeholders.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Communication strategy tailored.
  • Initial action plan created.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Prepare to communicate effectively with stakeholders.
  • Created strategies to communicate with stakeholders.
2.2 Draft an initial stakeholder management action plan.
  • Drafted an initial action plan.

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