Systematically Develop Your HR Department

Create a simplified process that addresses both department-wide and individual employee development needs.

Onsite Workshop

A lack of HR development causes:

  • Less understanding and execution of organizational needs.
  • Low effectiveness delivering on objectives and low satisfaction from the business.

Improved HR capabilities result in:

  • HR departments that are more effective and proactively address changes.
  • High-performing HR initiatives and HR professionals that deliver exceptional value for the organization.

Module 1: Systematically Develop Your HR Department

The Purpose

  • Create a development plan.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Bridge the gap between business needs and HR competencies.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Select and define strategic HR competencies.
  • Strategic HR competencies selected
1.2 Define role-specific technical competencies.
  • Role-specific technical competencies defined
1.3 Determine assessment methods.
  • Assessment methods determined
1.4 Develop an action and communication plan.
  • Action and communication plan developed

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