Become a Data-Driven HR Function

Build the foundation for HR Analytics to improve the organization’s decisions.

Onsite Workshop

The lack of data-driven HR practices can result in:

  • Rushed or biased business decisions.
  • Out of context or misinterpreted metrics results.
  • Unrealized return on equity and investment compared with organizations that have mature data practices.
  • Inability to prove the value of HR initiatives and impact.

Data-driven HR departments:

  • Are more involved with strategic decisions.
  • Generate an analytics-driven culture.
  • Make recommendations based on actual results rather than gut instinct or past experience.
  • Clearly communicate the value and credibility of HR with the rest of the business.

Module 1: Define a Vision and Identify Metrics

The Purpose

  • Define a vision for HR analytics and evaluate how it compares to the current state.
  • Prioritize clients for HR dashboards.
  • Begin to create a dashboard.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Defined vision for the future of HR analytics.
  • First half of dashboard prototype completed.

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Draw desired future state and current state of HR analytics.
1.2 Review the results of the Foundation Assessment.
  • Assessment results reviewed and key gaps identified.
1.3 Identify and prioritize clients.
  • Prioritized list of clients.
1.4 Define client needs.
1.5 Brainstorm metrics.
1.6 Prioritize and select metrics.
1.7 Determine cadence and number of dashboards.
  • Client needs and metrics documented.

Module 2: Build Two Dashboard Prototypes

The Purpose

Complete two dashboard prototypes for different clients.

Key Benefits Achieved

Two dashboards with metrics that are logically connected to client needs.

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Design the dashboard prototype.
  • Drafted dashboard prototypes (2)
2.2 Define client needs.
2.3 Brainstorm metrics.
2.4 Prioritize and select metrics.
2.5 Determine the cadence and number of dashboards.
2.6 Design the dashboard prototype.

Module 3: Create Action Plan

The Purpose

  • Create definitions for key metrics.
  • Create action plans to turn prototypes into reality and improve the ability of the HR function to use data.

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Metrics dictionary to help with data governance and dashboard understanding.
  • Action plan to operationalize dashboards provides clear path to turn prototypes into reality.
  • Plan to address foundational gaps addresses challenges in broader HR function.

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Build a metrics dictionary for key metrics.
  • HR metrics dictionary
3.2 Identify required competencies for HR metrics and analytics.
  • Identified required competencies
3.3 Design an action plan to create and implement prototype dashboards.
  • Dashboard implementation action plan
3.4 Create a future state plan to address foundational gaps.
  • Future state action plan

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