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Webinar: Equip Managers to Improve Poor Performance in a Hybrid Environment

Managing poor performance is difficult and more so in a hybrid work environment. Help managers effectively address poor employee performance with in-person and remote staff.

  • As organizations move to adopting hybrid work environments, new challenges in managing poor work performance arise. The lack of physical presence and cues in the hybrid workplace makes identifying and addressing performance issues difficult, since previously such conversations would ideally have been held in person.
  • Managers will often resort to implementing a performance improvement plan (PIP) before coaching the employee. As a result, PIPs have been misused as the only way for managers to deal with low performance or even to manage someone out of the company.
  • Many managers are not trained on addressing low performance in a hybrid work environment and do not have a process for performance improvement in place to help them understand how best to do this.

Featured Speaker

Emily Guthro

Program Manager, Learning Solutions
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