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Webinar: CHRO Roundtable: The New World of Work - How Is Return-to-the-Workplace/Hybrid Work Going?

The last couple of years have presented many challenges, especially when it comes to the workplace. And as if we need another hoop to jump through, organizations are now being tasked with finding a more permanent solution to suit all types of employees to ultimately keep them safe and happy. Whether your workplace is planning to stay remote, return to the office, or a mix of both, now is the time to create a flexible plan that will ensure your organizations success long-term.

Join us for our webinar, CHRO Roundtable: The New World of Work, How Is Return-to-the-Workplace/Hybrid Work Going?, on Wednesday, October 6 at 1:00PM when our panel of senior HR executives discuss:

- How the pandemic has shaped the way organizations operate and what their current workplace looks like right now.

- What moves they've made from stop-gaps to long-term solutions for managing remote staff and hybrid teams.

- How they have used collaboration tools and processes to meet the challenges of a hybrid workplace.

Featured Speaker

Tamara Heimonen

Senior Executive Advisor
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