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Webinar: CHRO Roundtable: Leading in a Hybrid Work Environment

While many organizations have already implemented hybrid work programs, their leaders are still adapting their leadership practices and many leaders are not fully prepared for the specific challenges with engaging and retaining a high-performing hybrid workforce. Progressive organizations are contemplating how to move beyond hybrid policies to redefine the leadership competencies required to cultivate an empathetic and adaptable leadership style that creates a work environment where their team members want to stay and perform at their best.

Join us as our panel of senior HR executives will discuss:

- The strategic approach their organizations are taking to build their leaders capability to engage and retain talent in a hybrid work environment

- What people-leadership behaviors and practices must change if hybrid work is to be successful

- How leaders can support inclusion, social connection, effective communication, and performance in a hybrid work environment

Featured Speakers

Caroline Stephens

CHRO, Interac

David McLean

Executive Counselor
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