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Orangetheory’s Focus on Building Core Strength through Job Architecture and Compensation Philosophy

Katrona Tyrrell – Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Orangetheory Fitnessa

Often companies are market defining and brand leaders such as Orangetheory, but they struggle to deal with complexity. Explore OrangeTheory’s project to decrease inefficiencies, harmonize and reduce internal and external policies, define their compensation philosophy, ensure consistency, and remain competitive and flexible in the marketplace.

Watch this video to explore:

  • The benefits of a Job Architecture project.
  • How Job Architecture is time consuming and is not just an HR project - it is a company project that requires the Executive Leadership Team to be committed and involved.
  • Why it can be a very emotional topic, and how to deal with that.

Featured Speaker

Katrona Tyrrell

Senior Vice President Human Resources, Orangetheory Fitness