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Generative AI and Chat GPT are all the rage....should you “Lean In” or “Wait and See”?

AI is posed to fundamentally reshape almost every organization and function. But how should you think about the impact for your own organization, sector and industry? Is the impact going to be limited, or severe? Fast, or slow? Should we 'lean in', or 'wait and see'? Join the discussion to get different perspectives on the promises and risks posed by AI, and what HR professionals will need to anticipate and do. In this session, participants will:

  • Understand the impact of AI on the talent landscape.
  • Discuss whether HR needs a course correction.
  • Explore how the exponential rise in AI applications could impact your organization

Featured Speakers

William Howard

Director, HR Research & Advisory Services
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Maureen Cahill

Sr Managing Partner
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Charl Lombard

President of Digital Transformation, Info-Tech Research Group