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Escape the Burnout Cycle: Thinking and Acting Differently as an Organization

Kelly Berte – Director – HR Research & Advisory Services, McLean & Company

Workers have been experiencing burnout for decades, so why does employee burnout seem to be getting worse despite the recent focus on improving workplace mental health and wellness? Addressing burnout at the individual level is not enough. Solutions like yoga and mindfulness practice are important, but offer temporary relief. The root causes of employee burnout are often systemic and require a multi-level approach. Without organizational action, an infinite cycle of employees re-experiencing burnout can be expected. A healthy work environment is one where organizational policies, practices, and values create a system in which individuals and organizations can thrive.

Watch this video to understand:

  • The scope of addressing organizational burnout within the greater context of workplace mental health.
  • How to identify the six domains within organizations that contribute to burnout.
  • The three key data sources that expose root causes of burnout.
  • The practical methods that generate solutions, including a roadmap for implementation.

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Kelly Berte

Director, HR Research & Advisory Services
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