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Engaging & Retaining Talent When Financial Incentives Aren’t an Option: the UHN Journey

Gloria Pakravan – Senior Director, Talent Management. University Health Network (UHN) with Stacey Shepherd – Executive Counselor, McLean & Company

University Health Network, like all healthcare organizations across the country, has been challenged with a shortage of health human resources. Then the pandemic hit and the gap between supply and demand grew, and the urgency to close the gap was greater than ever before. Discover how UHN used workforce planning to change the organizational mindset about the candidate and employee experience to attract and retain the best talent.

Watch this video to discover:

  • The key workplace themes that “talent” is asking for.
  • Skills and competencies HR should invest in to support the organization to move in the right direction.
  • How HR can prepare leadership to take on workplace challenges of today and the future.

Featured Speaker

Gloria Pakravan

Senior Director, Talent Management, University Health Network (UHN)