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Help Desk Manager

The Help Desk Manager's role is to oversee the entire Help Desk staff and ensure that end users are receiving the appropriate assistance. This includes the responsibility...

Operations Analyst

The Operations Analyst's role includes gathering and analyzing data in support of systems management, maintenance, and performance. The Operations Analyst is also...

Network Manager

The Network Manager's role is to plan, direct, and coordinate the design, installation, and connectivity of computer and network systems to ensure the stable operation of...

Infrastructure Manager

The Infrastructure Manager's role is to plan, organize, and manage staff and overall operations to ensure the stable operation of the organization's IT infrastructure.

Applications Manager

The Applications Manager's role is to supervise and maintain the organization's repository of software applications through best practices and the appropriate staffing...

Quality Assurance Manager

The Quality Assurance Manager's role is to develop, establish, and enforce quality assurance standards and measures for the information technology services within the...

Systems Analyst

The Systems Analyst's role is to plan, design, develop, and launch efficient information systems and operations systems in support of core organizational functions.

Programmer Analyst

The Programmer Analyst's role is to define, develop, test, analyze, and maintain new software applications in support of the achievement of business requirements.

Software Developer

The software developer's role is to design, code, test, and analyze software programs and applications.
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