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Administrator, Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Administrator provides a full range of administrative support to the HR team, contributing to the smooth operations of the department. The...

Manager, Employee Relations

The Employee Relations Manager develops employee relations programs and is involved in complex employee relations issue resolution in order to maintain employee...

Director, Human Resources

The Director of Human Resources (HR) is responsible for the operations of the department, designing and implementing HR programs in alignment with the organization’s...

Manager, Human Resources

The Manager of Human Resources (HR) is responsible for the delivery of HR policies, programs, and procedures, ranging from performance management to onboarding. The HR...

Analyst, Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) Analyst is responsible for providing critical analysis and evaluation to support the operations of the HR Department. The incumbent in this role...

Chief Human Resources Officer

The CHRO is responsible for crafting and implementing an organizational talent strategy to enable organizational strategic goals; leading and continuously developing a...

Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy

Organizations are realizing that attracting the best talent and unlocking their human capital potential begins when HR is able to focus less on administration and more on...
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Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy Storyboard

Use technology to facilitate HR's ability to function as a strategic business partner and spend less time and effort on administration.

Drive Business Value With an HRIS Strategy Executive Briefing

Use this briefing to make the case for an HRIS strategy that drives business strategy and operational efficiencies.

HRIS Readiness Assessment Checklist Template

Refer to this checklist for questions to ensure that risk, change, and project management planning is complete.
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