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Reinforce End-User Security Awareness During Your COVID-19 Response

Prepare your remote workers for any contingency.

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Your Challenge

Without the control over the areas in which employees are working, businesses are opening themselves up to a greater degree of risk during the pandemic. How does a business raise awareness for employees who are going to be working remotely?

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • An expanding remote workforce requires training efforts to evolve to include the unique security threats that face remote end users.
  • By presenting security as a personal and individualized issue, you can make this new personal focus a driver for your organizational security awareness and training program.

Impact and Result

  • Teach remote end users how to recognize current cyberattacks before they fall victim and turn them into active barriers against cyberattacks.
  • Use Info-Tech’s blueprint and materials to build a customized training program that uses best practices.

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