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Ensure Your Pandemic Response Plan Is Privacy-Proof

Don’t panic – prepare today’s pandemic response plan to accommodate tomorrow’s privacy implications.

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  • COVID-19 has thrown organizations globally into a panicked frenzy as they attempt to adopt and scale operations to align with government recommendations and keep employees safe.
  • Enforced data privacy best practices may contradict procedures that are implemented in the best interest of employees’ safety.
  • Processes adapted as a part of crisis response and management may not always align with privacy regulations and laws (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA).

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • An effective pandemic plan will be privacy-proof in order to support the future strategic direction of the organization. Don’t throw your privacy best practices out the window; be adaptable and create a repeatable process that is well-documented and well-circulated.

Impact and Result

  • Don’t start from scratch. This research will allow you to leverage your current data privacy best practices and adapt them to align with your pandemic-ready operational changes.
  • Understand how to collect what you need and disregard what you don’t. Reduce the amount of unnecessary personal data collected as a part of pandemic response operational changes.
  • Enforce procedures to support your employees’ integration of these best practices and ensure the organization is in a place to recover and scale its data privacy management efforts moving forward.

Research & Tools

Start here

Prepare today’s pandemic response plan to accommodate tomorrow’s privacy implications.

1. Document new data privacy challenges

Identify operational areas of change as a result of pandemic response. Understand how personal data privacy practices will shift to support your pandemic response plan.

2. Implement pandemic-ready privacy procedures

Map out and document any net new processes that involve the collection of personal data. Integrate privacy management practices that align to regulatory frameworks that mitigate risk for the current and future state.

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