About This Webcast

Global talent mobility is no longer about implanting "home office" leaders in foreign countries – it's about stationing the best talent in the right place, at the right time, and for the right reasons. In today's increasingly globally connected environment, global business is no longer limited to large organizations. Companies of all sizes are expanding their footprint around the world – and fast.

This webinar will help you to optimize your global talent mobility program with a comprehensive approach:

  • Assess the Current State of Your Global Mobility Program: to learn where the gaps are to establishing an effective program.
  • Define Global Talent Mobility Program: to ensure alignment with business needs and talent development.
  • Select Global Mobility Candidates: to choose the best employees for global assignments, avoiding the cost of failure.
  • Optimize Pre-departure: to ensure the employee is equipped with the tools to perform abroad.
  • Optimize Assignment Abroad: to support the employee in performing abroad.
  • Optimize Repatriation: to ensure the employee reintegrates into the organization as a high contributing member, using their global experience.
  • Measure and Reflect: to ensure that the global talent mobility program is continuously supporting the business in their needs, and learning from expatriates how to improve to succeed.

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