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Grow the Talent You Need With a High-Potential Program

A hi-po program identifies employees who are high-potential, based on an organization’s unique definition of potential and purposefully-selected assessments, and provides them with development opportunities to create candidates for future roles within the organization. A lack of clarity around the hi-po definition, however, leads to the wrong people being identified and development being targeted inappropriately. Avoid the common pitfalls of a hi-po program by developing a formalized program that realizes the full benefits of high-potential employees.

Join us for our latest Webinar series where our McLean & Company analysts will focus on:

  • Developping a unique high-potential definition that is relevant to your organization
  • Reviewing selection and development assessment methods
  • Outlining high-potential development options

Join this webinar to learn how to purposefully define high-potential, select assessments, and create a development framework to achieve the program's desired outcomes.

Featured Speaker

Rachel Stewart

Associate Vice President, HR Research & Advisory Services
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