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Fight Change Fatigue During COVID and Beyond by Developing Employee Resilience

About This Webinar

Even before the pandemic, resilience was gaining recognition as a critical competency to navigate a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous – or VUCA – world. As we move into a new normal, we cannot underscore enough how critical resilience is today as our lives, society, and work as we know it are disrupted. Our boundaries are increasingly blurred, and the future is more uncertain than ever before. This has, for most of us, resulted in rapid and significant change. To add to this, HR professionals not only have to manage change they experience, but are also accountable for steering their organization through the crisis and beyond.

In this webinar, our analysts focus on:

  • Building a common understanding of change resilience and its importance.
  • Developing resilience in employees and managing change fatigue with resilience.
  • Fostering resilience within the HR team.
  • This Webinar Occured 06/04/2020