About This Webinar

Adopt Change Management Techniques to Lead the Organization through Change

Develop HR as change facilitator to ensure that bad change doesn’t derail good projects.

In today’s business environment, effective change management is a particularly critical capability, as the speed and frequency of change has increased for all organizations. There is a huge opportunity for HR to become the change facilitator for the organization. Core to the role of HR in change is their responsibility to ensure those implementing the change at all times remain considerate and responsive to the impact the change is having on the people in the organization.

During this webcast, we learned how to:

  • Prepare for change, prior to implementation.
  • Apply communication best practices throughout all stages of the change.
  • Leverage your middle managers to lead through change and act as change agents.
  • Maintain momentum and buy-in for the change.
  • Capture lessons learned and continue to improve upon your change management skills.

This is an On-Demand webinar:

This webinar was previously recorded. To view our upcoming live sessions visit our Webinars page.

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Rebecca Hoke

Manager, HR Research & Advisory
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Manager, HR Research & Advisory Services
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