Total Rewards - Tools & Templates

Microlearning: A Manager’s Guide to Writing Great Job Descriptions

Use this microlearning to help managers learn how to create strong job descriptions.

Employee Wellbeing Infographic

Share this one-page infographic with employees to educate them about the dimensions of employee wellbeing and what wellbeing resources are being offered by the organization.

Use the Job Architecture Framework to Inform HR Programs

Use this guide to support integrating the job architecture framework with HR programs to ensure cohesion.

Job Architecture Employee FAQ Template

Use this template to help people leaders effectively communicate the job architecture framework to employees and address any questions or concerns.

Job Architecture People Leader FAQ Template

Use this tool to help the HR team effectively communicate the job architecture framework to people leaders and address any questions or concerns.

Wellbeing Initiatives Catalog

Use this catalog to explore and select an appropriate mixture of employee wellbeing initiatives to address the needs to the organization and its employees.

Wellbeing Program Workbook

Use this tool to outline the wellbeing program plan and document the process with the project team.

Change Communications Job Aid

Use this job aid to plan communications throughout the change initiative.

Job Analysis Questionnaire

Use this template to gather information about new and existing roles.

Biases and Heuristics Catalog

Use this template to understand some common biases and heuristics that may be influencing the decision-making process of your employees.
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