Total Rewards - Case Studies

Case Studies: Create an Effective Short-Term Incentive Plan

Refer to these case studies for examples of creating an effective short-term incentive plan.

STIP Design Tool Example

Use this tool to see how to record a high-level plan for the STIP, experiment with STIP design, and observe impacts to estimated payouts.

Case Studies: Reconceptualize Job Descriptions

Refer to these case studies for examples of how organizations have reconceptualized job descriptions.

Case Studies: Base Pay Structure

A defined approach to base pay is essential to boost employee engagement and increase employee attraction and retention. Read these case studies to learn how these...

Case Studies: Ingrain and Sustain Employee Recognition

Learn from these organizations to develop a sustainable, ingrained recognition program that is based on core values, organizational objectives, and employee preferences

Case Studies: Create a Holistic Employee Wellbeing Program

Refer to these case studies for examples of employee wellbeing programs.
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