Tools & Templates

Cascade Meaningful Goals Tool

HR professionals should share this guide with leaders of leaders, so they can learn how to confidently address talent management on their teams.

Lead Through Complex Behavior Challenges to Minimize Impact on Your Team’s Performance Infographic

This infographic provides leaders with the key takeaways of the layers of talent management across their teams.

Inclusive Hiring: A Guide for Managers

Use this guide in conjunction with the Equip Managers to Recruit Quality Staff training or as a standalone resource for tips on inclusive hiring for managers.

Competency Implementation Guide

Use this guide to implement competencies in HR functions and programs.

Facilitation Preparation Tool

HR professionals should use this tool to plan and prepare for facilitated sessions.

Probing Questions for HR Facilitation

HR professionals should use this tool as a quick list of key probing questions when leading facilitated sessions.

Overcome Challenges to Elevate Your HR Facilitation Infographic

This infographic provides leaders with key takeaways and sample phrasing for managing challenges during facilitated sessions.

Performance Ratings Guide

Use this guide to review and select an appropriate performance performance rating scale option based on organizational needs.

Communication Channels Catalog

Use this catalog to review and select communication channels to support the organizational internal communication strategy.

Post-Layoff Stay Conversation Guide

Use this tool to support managers in facilitating effective post-layoff stay conversations with their team members.
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