HR Technology & Operations

Communication Channels Catalog

Use this catalog to review and select communication channels to support the organizational internal communication strategy.

Internal Communications Strategy Presentation Template

Use this template to present the organization’s Internal Communications strategy and plan to stakeholders.

Organizational Retirement Preparation Guide Storyboard

Use this guide to curate resources to effectively manage retirements before, during, and after they happen.

Phased Offboarding Tracking Template

Use the Phased Offboarding Tracking Template to assist in the employee offboarding process. It is designed to accompany McLean & Company's Phased Offboarding Job Aid.

Retirement Letter Template

Use this template to help retiring employees transition out of the organization by providing them with the necessary information needed to facilitate a smooth retirement.

Retirement Guide Workbook

Use this tool to capture information in one place as you work through the organizational retirement preparation guide.

Retirement Policy Template

Use McLean & Company’s Retirement Policy Template to help draft a retirement policy.

Phased Offboarding Job Aid

Use this job aid as a guide in planning and implementing a phased offboarding program for departing employees.

Organizational Retirement Preparation Guide

Retirement is a complex process for organizations to navigate. The Organizational Retirement Preparation Guide provides HR departments with guides and templates and the...
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Open-Ended Response Data Cleaning and Coding Template

Use this tool to clean and code responses to open-ended diagnostic/survey questions.
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